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  • Why Norton 360 is not available now?

    As of September 2014, Norton Security replaced Norton 360.

    Norton Security is the updated antivirus and Internet security product offered by Symantec. To simplify its security software offers, Symantec removed the below mentioned security products:

    • Norton Internet Security
    • Norton Antivirus
    • Norton 360 (includes Standard, Premier and Multi-Device editions)

    The above traditional products were replaced by Norton Security which are available in three editions:

    • Norton Security for 1 device
    • Norton Security for 5 devices
    • Norton Security for 10 devices, with PC backup and secured online storage of 25 GB

    Norton Security editions mentioned above can only be used on the following OS platforms:

    • Android
    • Microsoft Windows
    • iOS
    • Mac OS X

    Please ensure that the features which come with Norton Security differ from OS to OS. Hence, some of the features that are available for MS Windows platform might not be available for iOS devices.